Feb 9, 2012


I always want to live happily ever after with YOU. Life in this land sometimes is so tiring to us, who just want to live simply joyful together. The responsibilities, the connections of thousand relationships, the things we don't ever get used to but have to. You told me that there are no long periods of happiness, just happy moments that we have to find for ourselves. The pressure is on but I hope we can solve it.. I will try my best to live the real life we want to be with you, let the rest stay behind.

to my dearest husband.

Feb 5, 2012

Let's start all over again

Dù thật chóng vánh nhưng đó là khoảng thời gian mình đã trải qua vui cực độ, buồn tuyệt vọng, chán chường không còn thiết gì nữa.. Giấc mơ thoảng qua.

I can't bear to lose you again.