Aug 6, 2010

my desire today

.. is to indulge in this book!

I love her television series on cooking though it receives some bad reviews but it's inspiring. Her little stories are told while she cooks some food. I dont care much about her food, actually. What I love is the way she attracts me, not by her beautiful face, but her words and her kitchen utensils. What will you eat on a day filling with selfish mood? she will tell you and persuade you magically that food can help your feelings.

I have always loved Nigella Lawson's series , no doubt, she is the " domestic goddess". When I first watched Sophie Dahl, I was bringing the impression that she might have something similar to Nigella in a negative way, but not at all, she had her own way of cooking & specially, telling her food stories, which seem so relevant to the moods and the atmosphere.

That is why I love to read this book of hers, which has a very nice cover, indeed :-P
I am sure inspiration is full in this book because judging the way she uses her words on TV, her nice & elegant way of telling stories, I do not think her book would be boring.

Well, London is all about that, inspiration & vintage moods. It's everywhere... That's what I love most about this "weird" but nice place. :)

If possible, I would love to translate this kind of book so that more readers can access to a different kind of inspiration, the kind which makes you care more about your daily little happiness around your home corners & your memories.

Aug 3, 2010

My Angel:X
My always little Angel :X

Be' yeu cua chi :-*