Aug 20, 2011


me in front of Tate Modern Museum

The truth is.. I'm missing the time when I was in London so much. I really wish to have a chance to come back there, for a while, I don't know what it is for if I just stay there for a couple of days but I do wish to..
The truth is I was not strong enough to cope with all the troubles that came to me at that time. I was running away instead of being strong & tough. I was a b*tch, then...
I was deeply changed by that short period of time. All I can do now is to think of it as a short & bittersweet memory. My biggest weak point , to me, is that I don't live with the present, which is a shame. I hate to be such a nostalgic person, it ruins me with my memoirs of things.
I miss the small apartment which is the safest place there to me. I miss the way to the station, to the supermarket that I used to go. Time flies but it feels like it's only just several days ago..

If I had been stronger, I would have been less miserable..

But I was not. So the thing is I have to learn to live with my present. 'Cause it's a present, like someone says.

(For a pale day soaking in memory of a faraway land)

Aug 16, 2011

handful of fruits

My latest drawing :)
I think I 'd love to be a food illustrator :-P