Apr 2, 2011


It's 5 days more that I will start a (kind of ) new life. When I was small, I used to dream of being a grown up girl wearing high heels & doing all the things that I couldnt and wasn't allowed when I was a lil girl. When I grew up a lil more I used to dream of doing what I love to have a successful career , playing around with friends, having fun and forget the days passing by, leaving small troubles behind and keeping on doing silly lil things. When I grow a lil, lil more mature like now. I just wish to have peace in soul, good health and being loved always. To start a life with new small family, I wish to love & be loved everyday, doing nothing, anything & everything with my husband, having lovely children. The more I grow up , it seems the simpler & humbler wish I have. Actually I love to have a house like a cottage, doing things like gardening, feeding the chickens and watching the plants grow everyday. I love to see my children running in the sun, smiling, playing and get sloppy which would make me tell them that they are so naughty but lovely.
I have a clear vision of what I really want in this life, this current life. I think it's a bless to watch the sunrise or sunset with your beloved without any worry. It's a bless to cut your own flowers in the garden.
We should start it and keep this fire of love burning inside for many years ahead, right honey?



tuyet said...
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tuyet said...

you are so emotional, so gentle and talented as well..I am sure you will be happy... Good luck to you and your litte family...

huong hoang said...

Thank you :) the same to u!