Oct 22, 2010

Directions are always various & confusing. Choosing the right one is so hard. One is chosen, the others must be sacrificed but actually, what makes us happy is the right one, not the one that everyone else thinks that is right.

Place I go, I leave a small corner for it in my heart, the heart is small, the places are so big, but in the end, I can bear that all.

I find it difficult to take care of the self, from the physical to the mental living. Now I am 25. And I begin to learn a lot of simple things that I have ignored in my previous life.


Anonymous said...

Choose a direction that you feel good and you can walk on it comfortably and tender !
I believe you will choose the right direction of your own.
We always miss the simple things in life that when it passes, we see it.

huong hoang said...

We can hardly say which is right or wrong, each decision has its own advantages & disadvantages. It's just the matter of how we look at it, how we consider it as good or bad thing, I suppose.Hope you choose the way that you are happy through out the journey on it :-)