Mar 16, 2010

random tuesday

Right now I am lying on my bed with thoughts wandering about all my plans..
Don't know exactly since when I have the love for vintage & country style but it's gonna last for forever I suppose.. As I find my peace and charm there. Nothing is wrong with a pastel palette of stuffs around in floral patterns and classic interior. Although I study Graphic design but my love for interior is very much, too, if not mention interior is the first love when I entered university..

I just admire those who can live with their dreams and follow what they desire to do with incredible passion. Do I have it? Do I have it enough to surpass all the obstacles that pop in all the time?.. Well it's a matter of growth in mind and strength in belief. Each day I collect some pieces of artwork that I love, make a collection of inspiration of my own. Someday I will share them with you, hopefully in a form of my own book. ( this is an always-burning dream of mine).

Time is moving fast and ideas can not be true if they are not done. That's why I am so excited about turning my ideas into reality...

Spring is finally coming, slowly but nicely. I long for warm days..

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