May 25, 2009

these days

... are a mess! I'm finishing my graduation project with very uncomfortable feeling. I'm not in a mood for that. The criteria of the teacher and mine are sooo different. I'm not a kind of making designs for everyone, from a farmer to a scientist to understand. That's ridiculous, each product has its own customers. Each design has its own target. Besides, this is my final project at school. I want to do what i love because i know when i step into the real world of challenge, there would be no more or very little chance for romance and craziness.

I find it funny when someone takes his knowledge to represent all others' . Maybe what you can understand can't be understood by many other and what you can't make sense of is so clear and legible to people.

I think it's quite weird to set a standard to judge a good poster by " understanding it within 3 seconds, if it takes more than 3 seconds, you fail!". There will be 2 cases : one is that everyone must be geniuses so that just looking at a piece of paper for 3 seconds, they know it from top to toe. The second case is that the poster must be boringly legible, nothing new, nothing special, nothing creative. All the images must be more than familiar. God, I can get mad with this kind of thing.

I hate this old & rigid education system. It keeps everything at a very low level, a very safe one!

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